My day at camp, WordCamp

This past weekend I trekked out to the ‘burbs for the KC area’s first WordCamp – a full day of presentations and conversations about WordPress. A healthy turnout of over 200 people wasn’t too shabby for the first year. Topics covered a wide range of interest to bloggers, developers, designers, etc.

While all presentations were excellent, there were a couple of big highlights for me.  Eventually all the WordCampKC talks are supposed to be on WordPress.TV.

Clint Hall from Cerner gave a great talk on mobile development basics, emphasizing the advantages of simplifying design down to a core of HTML that can form the basis different versions and platforms using progressive enhancement.

Jeremy Fuksa of Sullivan Higdon & Sink had a similar message of responsive and adaptive web design, but focus on using flexible grids to achieve multi-platform sites with a single design.

Overall it was a great event with lots of great folks. Probably the most worthwhile day ever spent in Overland Park. A big thanks to all the WordCamp organizers. Until next year, be sure to check out the monthly WordPress meetup group.