Mr. Dahon goes to Washington Jeff City

This is the new folder in front of the Missouri State Capitol. I took it with me on the train to Jefferson City this weekend for our quarterly board meeting of the Missouri Bicycle Federation. The little guy travels great on the train, folded up and stowed in the luggage rack. However, the train conductors were a little perplexed to see a folding bike, and wanted to charge me the fee for a full-sized bike.  Fortunately I had done some research and brought a copy of the Amtrak policy that says folding bikes are treated as carry-on luggage. Here is the policy, and an Amtrak employee memo on the topic.

The train trip was as enjoyable as always.  Coach was a bit noisy, so I spent another $10 for business class. On the outboudn trip I was the only one in business class, so it was like having my own personal train.  Unfortunately Amtrak still struggles with coal train congestion on the Missouri line, so the train to Jeff was an hour and a half late and the return train was an hour late.  But it was still better than driving, and I had the bike to get around town.

This was the first time I spent any appreciable time exploring beyond the city, which has some awesome historic neighborhoods and a decently-maintained High Street in the Downtown area. It’s sad to see so much energy focused on the suburban-style sprawl on the edge of town, but at least they seem to be making some a few attempts to improve the city’s core.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Dahon goes to Washington Jeff City

  1. What a cool trip! I love the train, rode them all the time as a kid (right after the dinosaurs died – LOL)

    Congrats on the new folding bike – it looks awesome!

    Best wishes for a wonderful day! Sure have missed you, been so darned busy.

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