Kansas City, MO Metro Street Grid

A small little guide to the street grid in the Greater Kansas City area.

In general the metro area is on a straight-forward grid system, but with many exceptions and variations. This makes it easy to find the general neighborhood, but sometimes confusing to find the exact location.

Most of the metro area follows the Kansas City, Missouri grid which is centered at Main Street and the Missouri River in Downtown KCMO. Main divides the east/west numbered streets and the river divides the north/south named streets. The length of city blocks varies in the different neighborhoods, but usually ten blocks is about one mile.

Jackson County, Missouri

Numbering of north/south named streets
Indicates distance east or west of Main St.

1900 West - State Line Road (Missouri/Kansas state line)
1200 W - Ward Parkway (south of 47th St.)
1000 W - Jarboe St.
800 W - Southwest Trafficway/Summit/Belleview/Madison
400 W - Broadway
300 W - Wornal Rd. (south of 47th St.)
0 East/West - Main Street

200 East - Grand Blvd.
500 E - Locust St.
700 E - Holmes (south of 47th St.)
1000 E - Harrison St.
1100 E - Troost Ave.
1400 E - The Paseo
1500 E - Flora Ave.
1800-2000 E - US Hwy. 71 (Bruce R. Watkins Drive)
3000 E - Agnes Ave.
4000 E - Myrtle Ave.
5000 E - Brighton Ave.
5400 E - Van Brunt Blvd.
5800 E - Hilcrest Rd.
6000 E - White Ave.
7000 E - Cambridge Ave.
8000 E - I-435 (until it turns east/west and runs parallel to 100th St.)
8200 E - James A. Reed Rd.
9000 E - Blue Ridge Cutoff (Truman Sports Complex)
10000 E - Pittman Rd. / Raytown Rd.
11200 E - Sterling Ave.
12400 E - Crysler Ave.
14000 E - Noland Rd.
16000/16500 E - Lee's Summit Rd.
17000 E - MO Hwy 291 (north of I-70)
18000 E - I-470 (until it turns west and runs parallel to Colbern/Bannister.)
18200 E - MO Hwy 291 (south of US Hwy 50)
20000 E - Little Blue Expressway / Selsa Rd.
25000 E - MO Hwy 7

East/west streets in Missouri with names instead of numbers

Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri (north side of KCMO and northern suburbs)

Generally follows the Jackson County grid, but the North direction is added. East/west streets are numbered (e.g. NE 50th St. or NW 50th St. are 50 blocks north of the Missouri River). North/south streets are named and generally correspond to streets in the south (e.g. Oak becomes North Oak). Kansas City North refers to the area of Kansas City, MO north of the Missouri River, while North Kansas City, MO is a separate town surrounded by Kansas City.

Kansas Suburbs